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Casting Background Actors 12/9/22 - 12/10/22


  • Feature Film POSSUM TROT – from Executive Producers Stephen Curry and Letitia Wright
  • Based on a true story. A film to reverse the foster crisis. POSSUM TROT is more than a film; it is the launch of a movement designed to ignite change in the child welfare system.
  • https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6881490/

Background Roles


10 Social Workers (Wardrobe Fitting required)
5 Police Officers (Wardrobe Fitting required)
5 Lawyers (Wardrobe Fitting required)
10 Office Employees
6 Foster Parents
1 Psychologist
1 Receptionist

    • All genders and ethnicities, ages 18+

7 Foster Kids

    • All genders and ethnicities, ages 6-16 

Filming Dates

Friday, 12/9/22
Saturday, 12/10/22

  • You do not need to be available for both filming dates.
  • Adults – You must be available for a 12 hour filming day or longer on set.
  • Minors ages 6-9 – You must be available for up to an 8 hour day on set.
  • Minors ages 9-16 – You must be available for up to a 10 hour day on set.
  • Call time will not be provided until the day before the filming date. Please do not submit if you do not have open availability for the filming date/dates listed above.

Filming Location

Macon, GA and/or Dry Branch, GA

  • Please only submit if you are willing to travel and work in either area. 
  • Please note, there is no gas bump for this production.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing will take place on the day of filming.


  • Wardrobe fittings will be required for the following roles only – 5 Police Officers, 5 Lawyers, 10 Social Workers
  • Wardrobe fittings for these roles will take place on Thursday, 12/8/22 in Macon, GA.
  • You will receive a $50 wardrobe fitting bump if you attend a wardrobe fitting.

Rate if Hired

  • Background performer services:  $100/8 hrs
  • Wardrobe Fitting: You will receive a $50 wardrobe fitting bump if you attend a wardrobe fitting.
  • There is no gas bump for this production.


  • The Georgia Department of Labor has implemented an electronic registration system for Minors in Entertainment.
  • All children under the age of 18 years in the entertainment industry in GA are subject to the GA Dept of Labor’s rules concerning minors in entertainment. A representative of the minor must register the minor with the GA Dept of Labor prior to performing in GA.
  • If your child is not already registered, please visit the following link to register: https://www.dol.state.ga.us/public/es/mie/minor/login

Submission Requirements

  • On the submission form below, please make sure to submit recent, clear, color photos.
  • The photos that you submit should reflect your current look – hair color, cut, etc.
  • Please take these photos standing against a solid wall with good lighting. You may use a camera phone.
  • Please submit a head shot and full length body shot.
  • Do not submit photos with filters, black and white photos, photos where you are wearing hats or sunglasses, and photos that do not reflect your current look, hair style, etc.

Booking Policy

**Please note, the production and Hylton Casting reserves the right to cancel any aspect of your booking (in whole or in part) at any time for any reason (including, without limitation, in connection with last minute production changes), regardless of whether you or the production has confirmed the applicable booking. If your booking is cancelled (either in whole or in part), you understand and agree that you are not entitled to any consideration in connection with such cancellation (including, without limitation, compensation, fees, reimbursement, expenses and/or other consideration).  Please make sure to check your email prior to arrival to the production location for any updates. If you have any questions, please email us at bookings3@hyltoncasting.com.**

Possum Trot - Extras 12/9-12/10
I am available for the following date/dates:
Are you available to attend a wardrobe fitting?
I have a valid Government issued ID and Social Security number
I have read all of the details listed above and understand that at this time you are only checking my availability. Submitting on this page does not guarantee that you will be booked to work, it only places you under consideration.
Age Range:
Do you have a car from the 1970s-1990s that can be used in these scenes as a picture car if requested? You may be asked to drive your car in these scenes, taking basic driving directions from the AD team. Your car may also be parked in these scenes. You would receive an additional $150 car bump if your car is requested for these scenes.
Please be sure to input the full number including the first letter of the Certification Number.
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
If booked to work as an Extra, all the materials and information about this production are CONFIDENTIAL. Your work and ANYTHING regarding this production is CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be shared via social media or otherwise. Extras can and will be asked to leave set for taking pictures or putting information on social media. Phones may be used in holding for personal purposes only. Pictures cannot be taken at ANY time. If a photo is taken in holding or on set this is also grounds for immediate removal. You cannot talk to the press, blog, Facebook, tweet, or Instagram etc. about your experience or take any photos on set.
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