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Boomerang Season 2 – Extras 11/22/19
We are currently casting the following extra roles for the TV series Boomerang Season 2. Please review the breakdown below.


Filming Date and Extra Roles:

Friday, 11/22/19 
Exterior European Market Scenes – Pedestrian Extras, Vendor Extras, Extras with Mopeds or Vespas, Extras with Small Cars (Examples – Audi Cabrio, Ford Ka, Renault Twingo, Fiat 500, Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta, Mercedes A 250, Peugeot 208)
– Extras of all ethnicities, ages 18 and older


Exterior Park Scenes – Highway Clean Up Crew Extras, Road Crew Supervisor Extras
– Extras of all ethnicities, ages 18 and older


Interior European Dance Club Scenes – Dance Club Extras, Bartender Extras, Server Extras, Hostess Extra
– Extras with salsa dance experience preferred
– Extras of all ethnicities, ages 18 and older


Filming Location:
Atlanta, GA



$75 for 8 hours (you are guaranteed 8 hours, with overtime after 8 hours)
(+$25 car bump if you are booked with your small car or moped)


Call Time:
-You must be available for a 12 hour filming day or longer on set each day.
-Call time will not be provided until the day before the filming date. Please do not submit if you do not have open availability for the filming date listed above.


Photo Submission Requirements:
-On the submission form below, please make sure to submit recent, clear, color photos.
-The photos that you submit should reflect your current look – hair color, cut, etc.
-Please take these photos standing against a solid wall with good lighting. You may use a camera phone.
-Please submit a head shot and a full length body shot.
-Do not submit photos with snapchat filters, black and white photos, photos where you are wearing hats or sunglasses, and photos that do not reflect your current look, hair style, etc.



-If you are selected to work as an extra in these scenes, we will contact you to provide you with all filming details for the date/dates that you are booked to work. Please note, submitting on this page does not guarantee that you will be booked to work as an extra in these scenes, it only places you under consideration.
-For all extras that are booked, we would like to inform you that i
t is our policy to overbook extras to compensate for last minute cancellations affected by weather, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances. The formula we use to derive at our booking levels, is carefully applied and as conservative as possible while still fulfilling our responsibility of ensuring the required number of extras for the producers. Therefore, a confirmation email does NOT guarantee placement.  Once production is at full count, additional extras will not be signed in and therefore, will not be compensated. Extras that are signed in by production are not employed by Hylton Casting and will be compensated by the production company.

-Also please note, last minute production changes can result in your booking being cancelled. If your booking is cancelled, you will not be compensated.  Please make sure to check your email prior to arrival to the production location for any updates.  If you have any questions, please email us at


I have read and understand all of the details listed above including the Hylton Casting Booking Policy. *
Do you have a small car or moped that can you can drive or park in these scenes? If your car or moped is used in these scenes, you would receive an additional $25 car bump. *
For the exterior European Market scenes, these scenes will be set in the rain and all extras will need to be prepared to bring umbrellas. Would you be comfortable working as an extra in these scenes? *
Maximum upload size: 20.97MB
Maximum upload size: 20.97MB
Please attach a photo of your car or moped. *
Maximum upload size: 20.97MB