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First Wives Club Season 2 – Indoor Pool Extras 2/18/21



Hylton Casting is currently casting the following extra roles for the BET+ TV series First Wives Club Season 2. Please review the breakdown below.


Specialty Extra Roles:
Indoor Pool Scenes
3 Handsome Male Servers
3 Handsome Men
3 Swimmers (must be comfortable getting in pool and swimming)
15 Pool Patron Extras
8 Cabana Extras
-This will be a heated pool.
-Must be comfortable in swimwear. Men must be comfortable shirtless.
-Any ethnicity or gender, ages 18-40s


Filming Date and COVID-19 Testing Date:
Testing Date: Wednesday, 2/17/21
Filming Date: Thursday, 2/18/21


Filming Location:
Atlanta, GA


COVID-19 Production Safety Plan:
FIRST WIVES CLUB SEASON 2 / Cowboy Jack, Inc. has established COVID-19 protocols that will be required during production. The health and safety of all production staff, crew, and cast is the highest priority. All state, local and federal public health guidelines will be followed. The recommendations of the various entertainment unions and guilds will be implemented, along with the requirements of ViacomCBS Safety. The overall safety plan goals are to implement a system of Physical Distancing, Symptom Monitoring, Targeted Testing, Sanitization, Disinfection, Enhanced Hand Hygiene, Training, and other Infection Prevention Measures, in order to prevent the spread of the disease and mitigate the risk of infection.


COVID-19 Testing Date:
-If you are selected for this extra role, as a condition of working on set, all talent are required to get a Covid-19 test(s) at the production sanctioned testing facility in Atlanta, GA prior to any work date(s).
-The test performed is a Covid-19 PCR Test.
-While at the test facility and on set, PPE must be worn.
-All possible work dates are contingent upon clearing these tests.

-If you are booked for this extra role, you will be sent additional testing details.
-You may not provide test results from another outside source. You MUST be tested by the FIRST WIVES CLUB SEASON 2 / Cowboy Jack, Inc Health and Safety team.


Rate if Hired:

$104/8 hours (you are guaranteed 8 hours, with overtime after 8 hours)
+ $22 BG COVID-19 testing bump
+ $10 Water bump (if you get wet or are in pool during filming)


Call Time:
-You must be available for a 12 hour filming day or longer on set.
-Call time will not be provided until the day before the filming date. Please do not submit if you do not have open availability for the filming date listed above.


Photo Submission Requirements:
-On the submission form below, please make sure to submit recent, clear, color photos.
-The photos that you submit should reflect your current look – hair color, cut, etc.
-Please take these photos standing against a solid wall with good lighting. You may use a camera phone.
-Please submit a head shot and a full length body shot.
-Do not submit photos with snapchat filters, black and white photos, photos where you are wearing hats or sunglasses, and photos that do not reflect your current look, hair style, etc.


Submission Policy:

-If you are selected to work as an extra in these scenes, we will contact you to provide you with all filming details for the date/dates that you are booked to work. Please note, submitting on this page does not guarantee that you will be booked to work as an extra in these scenes, it only places you under consideration.


I would like to be considered for the following extra role/roles: *
I have read and understand all of the details listed above. *
I am available to attend COVID-19 testing on the following date: *
Have you been tested previously for COVID-19 on First Wives Club Season 2? (Only select yes if you have been tested by THIS production.)
For all extras that will be working at the Pool filming location, we want to confirm are you comfortable around water and able to swim? *
Maximum upload size: 125.83MB
Maximum upload size: 125.83MB
Please attach a photo of yourself in swimwear. *
Maximum upload size: 125.83MB