• Please expect a 5 hour day or longer on set.
  • Please arrive on time! We recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than your call time. Your attendance is very important to the scene.


Westside Stageworks
6110 Boat Rock Blvd SW
Atlanta, GA 30336

  • Please follow the yellow signs marked GPP S2 to Crew/Extras Parking.
  • After parking, please sign in with the BG PA Brenayia.


  • You will first get your temperature taken at the Temperature Check Table. Next you will check in with the BG Production Assistant.
  • You MUST complete the following self-screening health questionnaire at least 30 minutes prior to your arrival on your filming date. Be sure to put your first and last name and make sure that you read all questions thoroughly.



  • Please bring at least 3-4 complete outfit options including underwear, socks, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.
  • Please be sure to bring a robe.
  • Your wardrobe options should include swimsuit attire including one and two piece options, athletic gear and high heeled shoes.
  • Avoid bright whites, busy prints, large/oversized logos and trademarks on clothing. No Nikes.
  • Please bring all clothes clean, wrinkle free, hung on hangers and in a garment bag if possible.


  • It is mandatory to come hair and make-up camera ready. Your hair and makeup should be done and styled before you arrive to set. Please come with clean, dry, neatly styled hair.
  • Your Hair and Makeup should be well done and styled before you arrive to set.
  • Facial hair should be groomed in advance (beards, mustaches, brows, etc.)
  • If you have tattoos, please bring costume options that will cover them (especially if you have multiple and/or tattoo sleeves.)

how to complete your digital extras voucher

  • Average Joe is using the RABS App for your Digital Extras Voucher.  The app keeps your data secure and makes sure you get paid. RABS will text you at call, at meals, and at wrap. Before you get to set, please complete your “Payroll Wizard”, aka Digital Voucher, at this link:
  • It is CRITICAL that you register and complete your RABS “Payroll Wizard” before you arrive to set. The Payroll Wizard is what ensures you are PAID for your work. Please visit the link 12-24 hours before you are scheduled to work to complete your payroll information.
  • You will no longer complete your extras voucher paperwork on set. Your voucher should be completed through the app digitally before you arrive to set. You can keep track of your voucher by logging into the app to view your voucher after you have worked.
  • For support with RABS and questions visit: BG Support


  • The Extras payroll company for Average Joe Season 1 is Elevate Payroll.
  • You should receive your check 3-4 weeks from the date that you worked. If after 4 weeks your check has not arrived, please call Elevate Payroll at (505) 888-9400 between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM MST one hour behind CST. You may also email


  • Please bring valid Government issued photo ID with proof of age. Please note, you must be legal to work in the US with a working Social Security number.
  • Please review the following list of acceptable documents for identification –  ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS FOR I-9
  • You must bring the hard copy, original version of any document that you will be using to complete your I-9. You must bring either 1 ORIGINAL HARD COPY item from List A OR 1 ORIGINAL HARD COPY item from List B AND 1 ORIGINAL HARD COPY from List C. Please note, if you are using a document from List A, you must ALSO bring a photocopy of your document that you can turn in with your voucher.
  • Example: If you are choosing to use your Driver’s License as a form of identification (List B), you must also bring a document from List C i.e. Social Security Card.
  • Example: If you are choosing to use your Passport as a form of identification (List A), that is the only document that you will need to bring. You will need to bring the hard copy of your passport.
  • You will NOT be able to work if you do not bring the original hard copy of your identification documents. If you do not bring the original documents you will NOT be able to be signed in and work. All documents must be valid and not expired.
  • For minors – In order for the production to properly process your child‘s payment, we ask that you make sure to bring the required identification on the day of filming for filling out the I-9 on your child‘s extras voucher. You will complete the voucher with your CHILD’s information, not your own.
  • Acceptable List B Documents for individuals under the age of 18:
    School record or report card
    Clinic, doctor or hospital record
    Day care or nursery school record
  • Acceptable List C Documents for individuals under the age of 18:
    U.S. Social Security account number card
    Original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority or outlying territory of the United States bearing an official seal


  • No weapons, drugs, narcotics, alcohol, or illegal substances are permitted. You cannot bring any illegal items with you. Security is on location and you are subject to be searched at any time.
  • You may not bring any additional guests with you.
  • Please be courteous to all crew members at all times. It is imperative that you exhibit professionalism and respect towards those working around you while on set.
  • No photos will be allowed on or near the premises, taken by camera, laptop, cell phone or any other recordable device.
  • Please do not approach any talent while they are working. No autographs may be requested from any of the talent and/or crew.
  • Once you have reached the designated extras holding area, you must remain in the area as instructed until you are escorted to set. Please do not wander the premises unattended.
  • Please follow all instructions given by the Set PAs.
  • Once you are signed in, you are required to stay until wrapped.
  • Please come to set having eaten. Meals are not always guaranteed, it depends on the amount of time that you are working on set.
  • You may be asked to leave if you do not follow guidelines.


  • The posting of any photos and information about this production on social media is strictly prohibited.
  • In order to maximize the success of this project, it is also essential for the production to control all publicly known or exposed information about this project, in a carefully controlled fashion.
  • We understand that all crew members, cast members, background actors, extras and vendors at every level are proud to be contributing to the creation of this project. Likewise, all visitors to the set must understand the need for confidentiality.
  • We ask that you partner with the hard working and dedicated producers and directors to keep all aspects of this production confidential.
  • Confidential production information includes, but is not limited to: Scripts,  Story lines, Shooting locations, Casting information, Characters, Set & Cast & Prop & Costume Images Budgets, Call Sheets, Audio & Video. It is important to understand that information shared with those outside the production, including friends, family members, and industry associates, even with social media settings limited to “Private Mode,” or “Friends Only” settings, can find their way into the public sector.
  • These social media sites include but are not limited to: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, Google Plus +,, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Vine, TMZ, Vimeo, Tumblr, Instagram,, Reddit, YouTube, Tiktok


Please email Hylton Casting ASAP at Please put “Cancellation” in the subject line of your email and list your first and last name, phone number, the name of the production, and the date that you are cancelling for. We ask that you do your best to give us at least 24 hours notice.


  • Please note, the production (Rogue Joe Productions, LLC.) and Hylton Casting reserves the right to cancel any aspect of your booking (in whole or in part) at any time for any reason (including, without limitation, in connection with last minute production changes), regardless of whether you or the production has confirmed the applicable booking. If your booking is cancelled (either in whole or in part), you understand and agree that you are not entitled to any consideration in connection with such cancellation (including, without limitation, compensation, fees, reimbursement, expenses and/or other consideration).  Please make sure to check your email prior to arrival to the production location for any updates. If you have any questions, please email us at .
  • For all extras that are booked, we would like to inform you that it is our policy to overbook extras to compensate for last minute cancellations affected by weather, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances. The formula we use to derive at our booking levels, is carefully applied and as conservative as possible while still fulfilling our responsibility of ensuring the required number of extras for the producers. Therefore, a confirmation email does NOT guarantee placement.  Once production is at full count, additional extras will not be signed in and therefore, will not be compensated. Extras that are signed in by production are not employed by Hylton Casting and will be compensated by the production company.
  • Hylton Casting and the production are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
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